“Strengthening communities by strengthening neighborhoods, one home at a time.”

With a goal of 1,000 homes in the next 10 years SuiteHaus has the opportunity to make a large impact on our carbon footprint by moving more commuters into the city, creating sustainable housing, and fostering our amazing Twin Cities neighborhoods.

SuiteHaus is brand new to the neighborhood, more specifically new to more urban neighborhoods in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Dedicated to acquiring and restoring homes while keeping the original character of the house, SuiteHaus is looking to strengthen home ownership. They are committed to providing high quality in all of their renovation construction, features and even strategically acquiring homes close to amenities in the Cities (transit, local businesses, access to jobs) to support lifestyles that help lessen the carbon footprint and also help communities thrive.

Glen Dall and his partners, Al Maas and Duane Baker, are the reason why SuiteHaus has this commitment. After leaving the corporate world as the CEO of a marketing services company Glen decided to change his focus from helping companies to helping people. Glen grew up near Detroit and saw firsthand the decay of the city and the rich fabric of the neighborhoods there. Since moving to the Cities he has enjoyed the rich diversity that the neighborhoods bring to vitality of our community.

Now he has two grown children of his own who also share his passion for life in the cities, that love the diversity and culture of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and the rich character of the many different neighborhoods. However, like Glen’s children, and so many first time buyers, many think to purchase their dream home they need to look outside of the cities to find homes more up to date; turn-key homes that are updated, safe and ready for families to move in.

Al Maas, who oversees construction for SuiteHaus, has been a homebuilder for nearly 30 years around the Cities. He wanted to bring his skills and experience to areas in the Cities that he felt were underserved in quality of construction. Also having grown children who enjoy the city neighborhoods, he embraced the SuiteHaus mission and joined forces with Glen. He brought along his brother-in-law Duane Baker, who left his long career in the corporate world in supply chain management and logistics to oversee SuiteHaus operations, and keep the complicated logistics of the renovations running smoothly and efficiently.

The trio started SuiteHaus to help people who want to buy a home in the cities find one where they can be comfortable and confident that it is a good investment. SuiteHaus takes pride in not “flipping” a house, but digging in deep to make sure the house is safe. They take care of big repairs upfront, replacing things like appliances, windows, use up to date intelligent thermostats and LED lighting for efficiency. They work hard to ensure each home will last for future generations, all while maintaining the original character. SuiteHaus wants homebuyers to feel secure in their investment knowing that not all quality lies in the cosmetics, but also the construction.  This is just one of the key concept that sets SuiteHaus homes apart from other “flipped” properties.

The SuiteHaus mission doesn’t just end with handing the keys to a new homeowner. SuiteHaus then donates 1% of the sale price back to a neighborhood project or non-profit, to further strengthen the fabric of that specific neighborhood.

With their deep love for family, tradition, and a passion for shepherding first time home buyers into smart investments, Glen, Al and Duane are happy to put the SuiteHaus name on all of their homes.